I've read numerous ways of resolving my issue by searching the site and many others.. but failed to find a solution to my problem.

so yeah, please help me

1. I got a 16GB wifi fw3.22 jailbroken with l1merain
2. I also got an iPhone 4 which has push notifications up and running, everything is ok..

3. both are on the same network.

4. push notifications wont work..

after a lot of researching push notifications work ONLY if I change my DNS server to, and so on.. but this wont be normal as it will last for about 15 minutes or so.. then it breaks them again..

on the other hand gmail push through the exchange server works ok both on iphone/ipad.. guess that's due to a different mechanism used.

tried installing push doctor.. nothing.

tried removing and reinstalling the push application.. nothing

any further ideas? its getting really frustrating.. and push nots are essential to my work..

thanks in advance.