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Thread: Syncing/restoring the ipad post JB

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    Default Syncing/restoring the ipad post JB
    Hi all,

    I wonder about one question i didnt find any answer to yet: i have jb my pad now with limera1n and wondere if it is safe to sync further wih itunes. I know that the syncing would work but my question is what happens once i try to restore the jb pad with the post jb backup? Would it simply restore all my appstore apps with their data and the jb apps would be gone or would it cause trouble which e.g. Wouldnt let me update to the next os from that restore?

    E.g. I take lots of notes with notetaker hd and id feel safer if i could sync the files from time to time with itunes so that i have a backup even though i have jb device now..


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    There's supposed to be away to save your Cydia apps but I've never looked into it because I've only got a couple so it's no big deal to reinstall then after a complete restore. Google 'Cydia apps backup' and I'm sure you'll find plenty info.
    Syncing works just the same with or without being JB'n (as I'm sure you've found). But the one back up I did while JB'n just saved all my Apple stuff and settings. Not Cydia apps obviously.

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    No worries, dude. JBing your iPad will not affect your ability to backup or restore from backup. Also, your Cydia apps will be just fine, they will not backup through iTunes, nor will they restore. In Cydia, there are a few apps available for backing up your Cydia installed apps, but it typically just backs up the settings. I've used such solutions before, but have found that I really didn't need it. It took only a matter of a few minutes to re-setup my apps after a restore. RockApp used to provide a service that allowed one to sync a list of their installed (non AppStore) apps. Then, one could, at any time, restore from this backup. Since Cydia has acquired Rock, it has been said that this feature will be implemented in Cydia in the near future. I did use the backup feature from Rock, and loved it. Wow, kinda long post, sorry! lol
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