Hi there

For starters, I'm a total n00b with JB, so I'm not even 100% sure jailbreaking is my problem right now. I was trying to SSH into my iPad (3.2) with the Terminal.app (OSX Leopard) and something very strange happened:

I was having on and off success with the IP for some reason, so I tried using the Bonjour name (ipad.local). It worked once, then never again. The IP might work, but not Bonjour, as I get the following error:
Could not resolve hostname ipad.local: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
Yet, I was able to VNC in the iPad using Bonjour. And PING also worked. But, trying to use Safari to access a WebDAV on port 8080 didn't work.

Just to make things stranger, after some time of PING working, it then stopped all together.

What the hell's going on here? Is Bonjour that wonky, or is there something wrong with my device?

Thanks in advance, and please flame on if I'm stupid for asking.

ADD: Seems my iPhone 3GS (4.0) had the same behavior...?