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Thread: Need to know: how to tether a JB iPad to a non-JB-able iPhone 4

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    Default Need to know: how to tether a JB iPad to a non-JB-able iPhone 4
    My search is coming up empty, or at least full of results that aren't relevant to my situation. I've got:

    • iPad WiFi with OS 3.2.1, jailbroken.
    • iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1b3 (not jailbreakable AFAIK), and I never did, so my SHSH blobs aren't no signed, so I can't downgrade the device (apparently ever, now).
    • NetShare (the one and only, the original) and/or iProxy (I'm a dev).

    So. How can I accomplish 3G tethering from my un-jailbreakable iPhone to my jailbroken iPad, using NetShare (or similar) and without an intermediary computer to create the ad-hoc WiFi network? Is this possible?

    Thanks for looking, hope to hear good news…

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    Don't think it can be done, i think MiWi on a jailbroken phone is the best solution. ( which is what i use to run my wifi Pad on 3g ).

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    The couple of apps that allowed u to do this without jailbreak are pulled from the apple store

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    I havnt heard of any iPhone app that basically turns your iPhone into a wifi hotspot so your wifi iPad can use the 3G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkassjim View Post
    I've got:

    • NetShare (the one and only, the original) and/or iProxy (I'm a dev).
    I know they were pulled from the AppStore. I've got NetShare, and I've also got iProxy. I am currently able to tether my iPad to my iPhone, however it requires a laptop to create the ad-hoc WiFi network that's required to get it happenin'. What I need to know is how to do it without using a laptop, i.e. creating the ad-hoc WiFi network from either of the iOS devices. I'd imagine if it's possible, it'd have to be from the jailbroken iPad.

    Thanks for the replies…anyone else got any ideas?

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    I'm using itether on the jailbroke ipod (costs a couple o bucks) and then on the non-broke unit it'll just use it's tethering (as long as it's enabled by your cell provider). Super easy, works perfect, very reliable. Hope this helps ya.

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    Thanks, yeah, I'm trying to avoid paying AT&T for tethering, primarily because I feel it's unfair to HAVE to give up my unlimited data plan as a precondition for being allowed to tether. They charge for tethering solely as a convenience charge, the cost doesn't afford you any further bandwidth that the standard data plan, which is in turn reduced from unlimited in order to give it a go at all.

    If they allowed me to keep my unlimited data, I'd be fine with paying for tethering. Things being as they are, I'd rather do it another way.

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    Gads AT&T sound like they're great fun. Here in Canuckida there's no such thing as an unlimited plan, but tethering is included in my 6 gb plan free. $65 a month though.

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    Same situation here. IPAD 3.1.2 JB and I4 on 4.0.2 (8A400) not JB ( as it came with this version). I got the tethering enabled on I4 ( as in Canada tethering is free with a plan over 1GB of data). Problem is the the tethering is only by Bluetooth or cable and tried by bluetooth with the ipad and cannot pair the two devices as they don't get recognized.
    Any Ideas......

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    You can try iTether then, it's bluetooth and works great! Look for it in Cydia.

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