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Thread: WTA: iPad restoration from 3.2.2 to 3.2.1 ended up with 3002 error message ...

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    Default WTA: iPad restoration from 3.2.2 to 3.2.1 ended up with 3002 error message ...
    Model: iPad 3G 16gb
    I just got it with 3.2.2 installed.

    I did save the SHSH using Umbrella

    Changed the host

    Then when I tried to restore, there's this 3002 error.

    1. So it's impossible for me to downgrade even though SHSH is already been saved because the iPad already has
    3.2.2 firmware?
    2. Why did i get this 3002 error?
    3. So i just have to wait for the next jailbreak?
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    Did you click restore or update?
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    Restore by holding shift + restore (windows)

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    you just stored your 3.2.2 SHSH not 3.2.1
    Since you do'nt have 3.2.1 SHSH saved you can't downgrade it.
    You were supposed to click Advanced, then select iPad3g 3.2.1 and save when it was available.
    But apple does not sign 3.2.1 anymore hence, you can't downgrade or jailbreak until new JB is out. Which should be soon since iOS 4.1 is due out soon and JB for 3.2.2 should be with it.

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