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Thread: Question regarding Fontswap app and iPad compatibility

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    Default Question regarding Fontswap app and iPad compatibility
    I was told, by another forum user, to repost this question as a new thread. Based on a previous response I received, by a different forum user, I am unclear as to if my question, which is regarding a free app that I downloaded from Cydia, is considered a violation of forum rules - the forum user, who told me to repost my question, said that I was not violating any forum rules.

    My question is as follows:

    I am currently trying to install a Cydia program called Fontswap (the version is 1.5 according to Big Boss) on my jailbroken iPad - I have read posts, on several other websites, where people have not been able to get Fontswap to work correctly. Based on these posts, I became confused when I subsequently went to the developer's website and read that his latest version, which is 1.5, works perfectly with OS 3.0 (I have OS 3.1.3). I have followed the Fontswap work-around directions on the website "to the letter" 4 times and still cannot get Fontswap to work correctly on my iPad.

    As of now, I am wondering 2 things:

    1. Is Fontswap compatible with the iPad?
    2. Is Fontswap compatible with OS 3.1.3?

    I will greatly appreciate any assistance the users here can offer me.

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    Fontswap has not been fully updated to work on the iPad yet. For example, if you add a font it may work on your lock clock but it will not change system fonts. That's what's been happening to me when I try it anyways.

    However it is compatible with 3.1.3 and works fine on both my iPod touch and iPhone. (the ipad runs on 3.2). So you would have to wait for an iPad compatible version if you want to use font swap

    I have seen ipad screenshots from people who were able to change their fonts manually by ssh, but i haven't done any extensive research so I don't know how to do it that way. Hope this helps a little.

    You may also want to refer to this compatibilty list for future updates too:
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