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Thread: Need help multitasking on iPad

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    Default Need help multitasking on iPad
    Hello I have recently jail broken my iPad, but can't get multitasking to work on it!

    I have installed backgrounder and circuitous from cydia.

    Backgrounder has the default settings it does when you download it. Circuitious is set via activator to work when I hold down the home button. When I hold the home button in the 1st app I want to multitask, the dock comes up as expected.

    When I tap the springboard icon, then get sent to the home screen I will open up the second app I want to multitask with, and when it opens this app the 1st app is gone!

    Basically can someone tell me how to background an app, then go into a second app, background that and then switch between them using circuitous? What should the settings for backgrounder and circuitous be?

    Thanks a lot.

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    The iPad does not handle backgrounding well at all. When you do it check the amount of memory you have left via sbssettings, you'll see it's not much at all. The first app will force close due to the amount of memory it has left.

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    you can try changing the backgrounder settings. under global settings make sure to set enable at launch and stay enabled to on so that whenever you open any app it will set the app to background.

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    or unless you are really stuck and you think it may be down to you just not 'getting it', go into settings, activator, 'when in an app' and choose something for 'backgrounder'

    when you perform this action within an app, it should say 'backgrounding enabled' and the app will appear to minimize. it should now be accessible from the circuitous dock.

    sorry if you knew that already

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    Thanks for all the helo guys. I'm basically just trying to get im+ to work in the background whilst I play a game/surf the web etc, so I wouldnt expect ram to be too much of a problem?

    I say that yet when I had plants versus zombies open as well, ram could dip below 10mb. I suppose all of this doesn't matter too much as the ios4 gets released in a few days anyway right?

    So am I right in saying when I get the 'backgrounding enabled' message, I should be able to quit the app, and return to it via circuitious? Thanks.

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    Well it may matter because if I'm not mistaken even though iOS4 comes out on the 21st, the iPad doesn't get its update til the fall. (I'm pretty sure that's what was said when they first talked about the new features)

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    Ah well that is a disappointment! I think i may have fixed the problem - I set im+ to always be backgrounded by default, and it did stay open whilst I checked some email and what not.

    Moving the topic on slightly, what killer jailbreak apps are there besides , backgrounder and circuitous?


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    Well there are still a few things that aren't working yet. But here is what I have on mine:


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