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Thread: ctrl and meta keys on bluetooth keyboard

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    Default ctrl and meta keys on bluetooth keyboard
    Hi Internet,
    Is there any possible way to map the Control and ESC keys on a bluetooth keyboard to the CTRL and META keys used in iSSH or some other ssh client? Being able to map other keys like TAB and the arrow keys would be useful too. I would like to use emacs via iSSH for programming, but it's not very practical without being able to easily use at least the ctrl and meta keys, which can currently only be accessed by touching the buttons iSSH provides on the screen. Has anyone figured out a way to use the CTRL and META keys in an ssh client from their bluetooth keyboards? Does Apple's SDK allow developers to map those keys without needing to be jailbroken?

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    Default Same with TouchTerm.
    I have the same problem with TouchTerm and MobileTerminal (the jailbroken app).
    I tried both the "normal" ios4 bluetooth support as well as the BTStack implementation with the same results.

    Did you find out anything that fixed the problem?


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    Unfortunately, at this time BTStack Keyboard does not support CTRL or ALT key customization, just CMD (WIN). I wish it did! Not for programming, but for Activator. Let's make a pointless Internet petition to get the dev to do it lol. Kidding aside, I love that this guy did what he did. I hope that he will still support it, to the point where we can do much more with our BT Keyboards; Safari keyboard nav, anyone?
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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