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Thread: iPad Overclock Hack

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    Default iPad Overclock Hack
    Hello everyone,

    I apologize if this has been covered before (I didn't see anything about it, though), but I have a few questions about the iPad over clocking hack that involved modifying a file name through iFile.

    So, what are the risks of doing this?
    How does it affect battery life?
    What are experiences from those who have done it?
    Is there an app that might enable/disable this on command, with a springboard restart or something similar?

    I'm slowly learning more and more about Whats capable with this ing, so please bear with me.



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    I was unaware that people have successfully over clocked the iPad.. Anyone have a link for me?

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    This is the video I watched.

    [ame=]YouTube - Overclock your iPad!!! iPhone or iTouch to full speed tutorial in HD!![/ame]


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    Does this really do anything besides remove the power profiles?

    cause I used systeminfo on my iphone 3gs and it shows 600 mhz .. before and after the hack.

    have not tried it on my ipad just yet... but I think this just Removes what the devices does when its plugged in VS what it does when its running off the battery. IE: Dim screen and stuff like that.

    Could have sworn that I looked at this file before on the ipad and its not downclocked when running off battery.. hmm


    After doing this to my iphone it was acting a little faster i guess..

    but After making two phone calls the phone was VERY VERY Hot.

    I would Advise that no one does this to there iphone. I Can see a good chance of frying this thing out with this.

    Again it Was VERY VERY HOT. not the normal iphone hot ..
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    I think the speed of the iPad is pretty good, Never has it froze or slowed down on me. And i use it pretty heavily. Doing hacks like these is just asking for trouble. Next thing you know you modify a file incorrectly and then the iPad blows up or fry's. Then you cant even restore it before you take it to apple. They find out than it was jailbroken, good bye warranty. Good bye iPad.

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    I performed this and rebooted...noticed no changes whatsoever in speed (or anything for that matter)..

    Went back and re-edited the .plist, and can still tell no difference..

    Waste of time, IMO

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