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Thread: iPad 3G Email Disappears

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    Exclamation iPad 3G Email Disappears
    Hello all, I recently replaced my iPad wifi with a 3G unit. I jailbroke the unit and loaded all my programs on. I really didnt play with it in an "unjailbroken" state. Now when I go to my mail, it will show my email box empty. When I click rerfresh it will load all of me exchange email. After a couple of minutes it will all disappear and have to redownload it to make it show up again. I have deleted the account, and recreated it. Same thing happenning. I have reset the network settings. Same result. Has anyone else experienced this. I am traveling on business and cannot hard reset it till next week. Anybody have any ideas?


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    HELP!! Exchanged iPad. Got a new one and the mail worked fine. I then Jailbroke it, added some applications and it started happening again. Any ideas.... I cant go back to the store and exchange again. This is driving me nuts. I ssh into the mail folder and made sure the permissions were set to 777. Any other ideas.

    Well this is really strange. If I only sync one week of email it works fine. If i select two weeks, it will download all the email, then delete it all. This is doing it on both of my ipads (3g and wifi only) Please help guys Im pulling out my hair here!!!
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    It's most likely your email account, not the iPad. I don't really know much about exchange email, but perhaps others do. What service is it through? Perhaps try to make a gmail account to be sure that it is not the iPad?
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    Thanks for the reply. After much testing with my IT staff, we found there was an attachment on one of my emails and the virus protection was deleting it on the exchange server. Thanks for your input.


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