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Thread: did i jailbreak too soon?

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    Default did i jailbreak too soon?

    I'm pretty worried right now guys.
    I jailbroke my ipad wifi with spirit, but realized i did not backup my shsh blobs (still dont fully understand what they are).

    Is is possible to still back these up even after I have already used spirit?

    Could I just restore my ipad and start over?

    Any help would be great guys, just got the ipad and cant even enjoy it yet cus im worried about this.


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    Launch Cydia, press the button that says "make my life easier" - (it has a heart icon)

    That will backup your shsh blobs to Saurik's server. If you need to use them, theres tons of tutorials out there on how to trick itunes to use Saurik's server to bypass apple's latest measures to prevent you from installing older firmwares.

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    What exactly are the SHSH blobs used for? Is it only for people who accidentally upgrade and then want to downgrade?

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    It is for if you ever want to downgrade after a new firmware comes out from Apple. You can't downgrade without them because the firmware needs to be signed by Apple but if Apple is not signing them then you can't downgrade.

    With the SHSH saved for that specific firmware iTunes will look at Saurik's server and use the key that Apple signed before and allow the install of that firmware.

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    Default Preventing Upgrades
    If I were to disable iTunes automatically checking for updates, am I correct in assuming that I won't ever have the problem of Apple decertifying my devce?

    Also, on my iPhone, I clicked on the red heart to save my settign to the server. What steps woudl I take to restore if needed in the future. Can I simply use Cydia, which will then connect with the server?

    Sorry for my confusion and my Newbie-ness. I just want take precautions now so that both my iPhine and iPad dont lock up in the future.

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    I'm intereted in this also. I feel that jailbreaking has hurt my performance a lot and I would like to restore. In the past with jail broken iPhones it has never been a problem, but now I'm afraid to try. CAn I succesfully hit the restore button on iTunes or am I going to have problems?

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    Right. Everytime you perform a restore, iTunes checks with Apple that it is allowed to proceed with the installation of firmware. When you back up the SHSH blobs you basically save the 'OK' from Apple that is unique to your device and firmware version.

    So after you have your SHSH blobs saved you can then change you hosts file to make iTunes talk to sauriks server instead of Apple's. sauriks server provides the 'OK' and iTunes will install the firmware even though Apple would not allow it. This way, after Apple release 3.3 (or what ever version comes next, probably 4.0) and patch the exploit used to jailbreak you will still be able to restore to 3.2 and jailbreak should anything go wrong with your iPad.

    Guides on how to change your hosts file are all over the net. Just Google it.
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