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Thread: Possible?: Hack to have all time VGA Output?

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    This crash doesn't sound like too much of a problem if you can't replicate it and without an iPad not a problem that I can do much about. As Air Video does their own TVOut, if you have problems make sure TVOut2 is off and in "mirror" mode before you use applications like this. Use the "auto" button to turn off auto-connect if you need to.

    Thanks for the thanks, TVOut2 is free but you are always free to donate

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    "Xcitizen, tvout2 does this for free! There is just a glitch where you need to play a video before the VGA adaptor starts up at the moment. Also for iPad users you should probably stick to "mirror" mode and avoid complications due the optimisations put in for 2g and 3g iphones." -guidob

    Im sorry, I will pay $1.99 for an application that just works, no fking around with opening a video before, no messing with quirks and something that isnt fully complete yet. I fail to see the point of telling people to use something free which doesn't even function 100% or 100% of the time, forcing you to open video files before using. Just pay the 2 bucks and get DisplayOut that just works, all the time...

    I was not posting to be harsh in any manner or to offend, tvout2 will get there in workability. I just know that DisplayOut worked, right from first version and on all cables. Perfect mirroring on what is on the screen with no lag or complications. Turn it on, its works..Turn it off, it shuts down.
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    gnubug, the "play a video before you connect" problem was fixed a month ago and TVout2 is much gentler on your battery than DisplayOut but, it's a free country if you want to pay $1.99 uneccessarily thats fine


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    just wondering and i think i have a belief
    isnt the pad 3g already unlocked meaning u can put a cut up tmobile sime in the slot,
    and is it really possible to jailbreak and ipad 3g 32 gb

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    "it's a free country if you want to pay $1.99 uneccessarily thats fine"

    Well I did, 2 bucks for not having issues, not having to try all these modes and settings, I paid 2 buck to push a button and everything is rightside up on screen, no settings to mess with, no issues and glitches..
    I will pay $2 for something that just works, all the time..every time.

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    Oh dear, I've obviously added to many features . Truth is TVOut2 is for iPhones right back to second gen which is why it has the speedups for video and gaming (a.k.a. video mode) which is where your glitches come from. iPad is so fast all you need to do is copy the screen to the TV every so often and it all is good (It's a little hard on your battery though - TVOut2 only copies when the screen is updated.) No doubt DisplayOut is a excellent product by a very competent developer but If you are having problems with TVOut2 why not post there here or in the forum and lets see if we can resolve them. I wish everybody was so keen to pay money! Out of 147,482 downloads, there have been a total of 12 of donations
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    Thanks so much, love using the TVout2!! It's a brilliant software, the output looks reallly top class on my TV. You are awesome my friend.

    I am using apples iPad VGA connector to connect to my tv.
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