Hey guys! So I'm really excited! I ordered a new Panasonic Lumix 14 MP digital camera with an Eye-fi card so that I can transfer pics to my computer wirelessly. What I really hope you guys can help me with is I would like to go out and take pics and have the eye-fi card automatically transfer the pics over to my iPad WiFi as I take them. I think the best way I think I could get this to happen is if I run MyWi and create an ad hoc connection and connect directly to the iPad and send the pics that way, but as far as understanding how to connect the camera to the ad hoc network and getting pictures over to my iPad I am a bit fuzzy.

I know there are two apps in particular - Eye-fi for iPhone and ShutterSnitch for the iPad and both have garnered horrible reviews so these options are out of the question. I want a seamless system that allows me to be able to put my photos directly in my pictures folder on my iPad where I can access them in the Photos app on the iPad.

Please help me to understand how this could possibly work and if you have an eye-fi card yourself that would help even more