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Thread: Post your newly themed iPad screenshot

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    Infinidock shouold be 1.3...iconoclasm should be 1.4.9

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    I cannot remove the icon "square" shadow behind the custom icon. However, when I drag the custom icon out of the dock onto the regular board it /doesn't/ show the shadow. How fix it .Help me plz

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    Mine says 1.5 for iconoclasm is that wrong? I'll try your fix now

    Edit: Still no luck, must be my iconoclasm version will try get .4.9 later
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    is this right or are the icons too close? im not sure anymore lol. Photo should work its on my mobile me lol

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    Default Android iPad theme
    My Android OS Theme iPad

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaotse View Post
    Alright- I finally have a link for the Snow Leopard theme I pieced together for the iPad -
    You can grab the materials here
    Looking forward to people doing much cooler stuff

    Also, have to post in honor of my old 3GS, on which I spent hours learning how to theme, and am missing now that I'm rolling with the locked down iPhone 4 -Although the retina.. Holy Shh!

    How can I show system icon, tool icon, media icon, game icon on ipad
    my ipad don't have icon's name
    Is there icons mean app etc. setting or iTune or video or ipod and rename to system, tool, media and game
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    Hey guys,

    Can someone please link me or provide a black UI for the iPad? (i.e. black pop up menus and navigation bars)


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    Quote Originally Posted by shaotse View Post
    you have to navigate to the folder of the app you wish to theme - for instance- go to: /var/mobile/Applications/(a bunch of random seeming numbers)/, and replace the icon file -it will be icon.png, icon-72.png, appicon.png or something like that (verify the resolution is 72x72 to make sure its the right .png)

    Its a different name for each app, which is why winterboard doesn't work now.

    (hopefully you are using cyberduck or transmit to ssh into your device)
    hey shaotse,

    thank for your work.

    I resized your icon pack (to 72 x 72 in png format) and I dont know why but your icons are blurredness on my board

    I dont know why they are not clean like the screenshot of other guys.

    any solution?


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    I am having a problem with the icon spacings in landscape mode. I am using iconoclasm, simple mode and can't find a good config. The desired icon layout is 7xX but with even spacings in both directions, both in landscape and portrait modes.

    I was playing around with different values for padding but nothing works, as you can see the first row is on the very top of the screen (unlike in portrait mode) and the rows are too close. I would like to have the same icon spacing in both directions and modes. I tried the downloadable layouts from Cydia, there is a 7x7 but then the seven columns were not properly aligned to the seven icons in the dock. I don't think I am able to create a custom plist by myself at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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