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Thread: Battery draining in standby after jailbreak

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    Default Battery draining in standby after jailbreak
    After I jailbroke I noticed a little change in battery life which doesn't really bother me, but now I'm noticing the battery is draining in standby mode which was excellent before. Used the iPad for about 10 minutes before work with 100% and then came home that evening and it read 93%.

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    Not sure if that would have anything to do with a jailbreak or not...but the battery will drain in standby regardless. If the device is on, its using battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    Not sure if that would have anything to do with a jailbreak or not...but the battery will drain in standby regardless. If the device is on, its using battery.
    I was skeptical at first too, but before I know the battery would only drain about 1-2% in standby over the course of 8 hours. Now it's more like 6-7%

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    The process of the jaibreak itself does not use up any battery nor does it install any programs that run in the background.

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    I know you probably checked this, but did you install any apps with push notifications? or do you have Mail or calendar set to push or fetch (not manual) they could account for the increase. So far on my jailbroken iPad 3G i have not seen any change in battery.
    on my iPhone 3GS I do have some batter and memory issues. There is definitely some thing in the system that has a memory leak. Some apps keep on taking memory to the point were they can crash (even when the app is designed to constantly release memory). But my iPad does not have this issue.

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    Ive notice a drain in battery life as well. Before the JB, it would be at 70% in a day and a half of solid use. After the JB, it is under 40% be the end of one day. There has to be things running in the background. The same push apps before JB are all the same after JB.

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    Not sure if it's the reason for the battery drain but after I uninstalled openssh my battery life greatly improved

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    My battery is draining very fast. it seems like wifi symbol stays on all the time.

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    I jailbroke my iphone and ipad, and have noticed quite a siginificant difference in battery life as well since the jailbreak. They are both new devices, my 3GS would last me an entire day through work with my normal use, now I have to charge it mid-day. My iPad goes through a fully charged battery before I go home as well, after about 5 hours of usage (would only go down to 20% before)

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    I agree...there is definitely a difference in battery life after jailbreaking.

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    So what does Open SSH do that it can be uninstalled?

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    OpenSSH is for copying files to/from the filesystem of iPad/Phone. You can either uninstall it, or you can install SBSettings which allows you to just turn it off when you don't need it.

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    Hmm i don't know. I don't think Ive noticed a diff in my 3G ipads battery life after jail breaking. I'll try and pay closer attention to the battery drain but it seems no diff to me.
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    I most defenitly noticed a change in battery life after the jailbreak!new My 3GS would last me at more than entire day but now at mid-day it is already on 54%! I did switch off the SSH, did a hard-reboot, uninstalled backgrouder..but no change...

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    Yeah I really dont know how people can say there is no difference. yes there is a difference.

    and im going to place my chips on the Fact that its something to do With a memory Leak in the sbsettings or something like that .. maybe mobile subtrate?

    Just appears to me that without doing anything the "free" memory is always going lower and lower..

    and Then Starts to lag needing a reboot. This is what I Think is killing the battery faster.

    I had the ipad since launch before the jailbreak was released and I was impressed with the battery life.. now I can DEF feel a decrease in that since jailbreaking.

    and before anyone says anything the only thing that I have Running is sbsettings nothing else is running.

    Also does anyone know why it seems the the ipod app and the video app are always running ?

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    Default keeps running
    While I understand the need for to continue running after you exit from it as it allows you to listen to music while e-reading for instance. I don't get why remains open also.. does anybody know if it is like that for ipod touch(which has a video app as well)

    Btw, so far on my testing, i've noticed the battery usage to be as such..

    1% every 6-7mins if on Wifi downloading(like via Marvel comics app)

    and almost 10mins per 1% when i am reading/watching videos with wi-fi off

    all tests are done with near minimum brightness.. So what do you guys think of the battery usage? is that good?

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