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Thread: Issues with location services after JailBreaking Wifi IPAD?

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    Default Issues with location services after JailBreaking Wifi IPAD?

    I've come here as the sample size i've found is very small, but seems that there is an issue with the location services (the assisted gps) with the wifi models (3g models dont seem to have the problem) after jailbreaking.

    I.e. if you jailbreak a wifi ipad and then attempt to use an app that wants to prompt you to use your location, you get a failure message.

    1) can anyone else confirm they are having this problem?

    2) are there any solutions/workarounds/explanations?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I too am having this same problem. I was at my house and the location came back as an error in the Maps app.
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    I can confirm that I am having this problem. Posters on another forum are suggesting the problem may be with SBSettings or Backgrounder, both are applications I have. So far the only solution I have found is to do a restore.

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    I can confirm the same. I have backgrounder and sbsettings and cannot find location in Can't restore as I'm traveling for business. Hopefully a fix then soon.

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    Default Update
    One person now reports that they are not having the problem any longer, and they confirm they did NOT do a restore and are still jailbroken with a wifi IPAD. They have backgrounder installed. This is after trying over 50 times to use location services unsuccessfully over a 12 hour time span.

    ANOTHER person reports having the problem without EVER having installed sbservices.
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    I'm having this same issue. Sbsettings and backgrounder installed along with a plethora of other appstore apps.

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    Looks like I'm affected too. I hadn't tried until I read this post, but maps can't find me anymore. I also have backgrounder and sbsettings installed. I'm not that worried about it. As trade offs go, it's pretty good. I'll take a root shell and multitasking over CoreLocation any day. What we really need is a pair of apps that will let your wifi iPad pull gps data from your iPhone over Bluetooth or wifi. With that and MyWi, I could put my 3G iPad envy to rest once and for all!

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    This has to do with openssh. Delete it and restart iPad and you'll be fine.

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    Cool! Thanks for posting the fix. For myself it's no contest. SSH beats location services. Still, others are probably less geeky than i...

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    OpenSSH did not fix the issue for me. I have a clean install of Cydia with no apps and I still cannot access location services in any app, including Maps.

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    Not seeing any issues with the iPad 3G. Maps and other apps work fine. I have both backgrounder and sb settings installed

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    Removing OpenSSH and restarting iPad fixed location services for me.

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    Are you then able to install openssh again and have the location still work?

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    Removing OpenSSH seemed to fix the missing Wifi bars and also location services.
    Shame really.

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    Same here.. removing OpenSSH fixed both problems (wifi indicator icon and location service). Disabling SSH via Bosprefs is not helping either. Any chance that there will ever be an update to open SSH to handle this issue?

    Edit: Deinstalling open SSH fixes the problem if you reboot. The next time you install openSSH everything works fine until you reboot your ipad once.

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    If I do install OpenSSH, I lose the Wi-Fi logo when connected. But even without it installed, I still cannot access location services.

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    You need to uninstall it and restart. Then you should get your wifi icon and the location service back. I hope this bug gets fixed in openssh...

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    A second restart did the trick for me. Thanks all!

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    Great Then there is just one question left: Is there a chance that openSSH will get any updates to fix this?

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    uninstalling ssh and a reboot fixed my location issues.

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