Create your own website with a few finger motions

Imagine that you don't have to ask your friend who is good with computers to make you a website so that in a few months you can get something very far from what you expected. Imagine that you can do it yourself, without programming, and the best thing is that you can do it anywhere: on the road, in a café, at home or lying on the sofa. Now it's all possible with inWeby: the first website designing app developed specifically for iPad.

For those who have no time to study the peculiarities of web-programming or for professionals who want to make it quickly and without unnecessary efforts inWeby is a perfect solution. The application is very easy to understand and allows you to create a professional website without having any special skills in the area. Thanks to the inWeby's broad functionality you can create websites of different types: a site dedicated to promote your product, a personal blog or even an e-store.

Easy start

You probably couldn't imagine that creating a website may be so easy and visual. At first launch the program offers you to go through 5 simple steps: register a domain name and at the same time style your website, create its visual aspect and specify its main sections.

When you proceed to manual editing you find all main tools in the Main Page section of the app: here you can design the look of your home page and the general design -- you can choose from 5 different styles and over 100 original backgrounds and color palettes (it's also possible to create your own design).

First you will need to specify title and sections you want to be accessible from the home page: you can put a link to any of the site's pages here. Here you can also post news about your project in Facebook and Twitter in one click.

Want your own blog? It’s easy

A blog hosted on your own website looks much more trustworthy than anyone of thousands of blogs based on free platforms. You just need to access Blog section and start posting.

Keep your audience informed

You can also find News section which allows you to create a news page as easily as the blog. It's possible to make it accessible as a separate webpage or put all your news on the main page so the visitors would see them immediately.

Selling online is not a problem

Do you think that only big international corporations use online stores? The inWeby Store features allow you to easily organize sales over the Internet and you automatically handle all your payments via PayPal. Create product descriptions and attach photos taken with your device right away.


In case you want to create a page which does not fall into any of the basic categories, you can use the Content section: it let you make pages filled with any contents which are automatically fitted with visual navigation.

With inWeby you don't have to worry about hosting and server maintenance, because these services are already included in the price. In addition this application allows you to easily monitor web statistics, and as a bonus you get an email address on the same domain as your website.
Our team of developers is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

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