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Thread: GraphMe HD - New graphing calculator app!

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    Default GraphMe HD - New graphing calculator app!
    Hello, I want to share with you this graphing app for iPad. Any questions feel free to ask, I'm the developer of the app.

    GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator

    Powerful and easy to use graphing calculator that allows you to plot real-valued functions, trajectories, and even vector fields on the cartesian plane. Everything with amazing retina graphics.

    GraphMe takes full advantage of the multitouch capabilities of the device in a simple and intuitive way, like controlling the parametric interval of a trajectory with a simple finger gesture.


    You can graph in the cartesian plane the following type of functions:

    Real-valued of a real variable
    Vector fields

    Drag to pan, pinch to zoom and shake the device to restore the original position.

    Plot up to four graphs of real-valued functions at once, with different colours to distinguish them.

    Plot up to four graphs of functions in polar coordinates and change the angle variable with a gesture. Compare them alongside your functions in rectangular coordinates. You can change to polar coordinates with a swipe to the left on top of the real-valued functions fields.

    Take full advantage of screen size, hiding the functions panel with a simple swipe.

    Send your graphs as images through email, or save them to your photo gallery.

    You can change the parametric interval of your trajectory using a simple gesture, and see the changes on the fly.

    You can use the following functions: cos, sin, tan, exp, log, sqrt, pow, abs, csc, sec, cot, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, sech and coth.

    Supported languages: English, Spanish.

    Video: GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator - YouTube
    AppStore link ($0.99):

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    that so cool! so instead of buying $100 graphing calculator just buy a ipad haha

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