Magikid Stage is a magical iPad game and a unique dynamic theatre, by which kids can play house with family, develop their cognition of the world and record the stories of their own. All the people aged 2-99 can find the fun in this game. It is an indispensable App to achieve your dreams.
-The wonderful combination of scenes, characters, musics and dynamic props. A set of several stories.
-More than 20 magical scenes inside it, including undersea world, circus, dessert shop, fair world, farm and home, etc. Each scene has its dynamic props series. Each prop is vivid, such as flying balloons, shouting pigs, climbing crabs and so on. More magics are waiting for your discovery.
-Over 50 characters inside it, including boys, girls, dad, mom, Beijing opera masks, and animal features, etc. You and your family are invited to enjoy the role play and interactivity.
-The musics are produced especially for Magikid Stage, which is melodious, lively and with cute baby voices. It is like a music box, lulling your children to sweet dreams.
-You can record the game and your voice, making it into a high-quality videos. Kids will feel magical to hear his and his parents' voices. When you stay out, Magikid Stage will tell stories to your babies.
-It is produced cooperatively by Angell Echo and Zhu Xiaofan, a graduating student from Central Academy of Fine Arts. It has been displayed and won lots of reputation on the graduation exhibition of CAFA. Your attention is invited for the continuously updated and optimized App.
-Whether you are individual and enterprise, as long as you have excellent App idea and material, Angell Echo is willing to cooperate with you to share your dream with the world.

Category: Games
Released: Jun 02, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 42.4 MB
Languages: English, Chinese
Rated 4+
Download: iTunes App Store