The English version ‘The 36 Strategies’ formally launched. Because it has the powerful read feature and high-quality content, so made the Chinese version has an excellent image to user.
Now Angell Echo makes an English version to users.
How to make a small factory produce umbrella in Japan became a famous ‘king of diapers’ in the world? How to ask for others help when the John D.Rockefeller started his business, and made success on the end? Why the Toyota enjoy the fruits of Nissan’s labor when Nissan successful development marketing?
This APP is about thirty-six art of war in china; every stratagem can be linked with modern business strategy, and we use the vivid animation with audio to tell the story.

Product Information

Category: Business
Released: May 31, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 379 MB
Language: English
Rated 4+
download:36 strategies! for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Gold edition of 36 strategies, analyze both ancient and modern cases, the wonderful combination of graphics, voices and texts, worthy your collecting.
- Gorgeous interface, exquisite animation, large characters, high-quality voices and graphics.
-Complete record of each story in 36 strategies, matched with beautiful light color Chinese paintings, professional voices and sound effects, for you to read, listen, learn and appreciate.
-Each story includes modern commercial, management or military case accordingly, filled with wisdom. Put your knowledge into practice.