I have an iPad running 3.2.2 with PkgBackup installed. I also have PkgBackup installed on my iPhone 4 running 4.0.1. I have all of my cydia apps backup up on my phone and want them on my iPad. Both devices share the same contacts but my iPad will not install my phone backups. I have tried removing all contacts from my iPad and copying/pasting the notes from my phone contact to my iPad contct but all I get is an error stating that the backup is corrupt. I have tried to make the first name in the contacts as Pkg and the last name as Backup on my iPad with moving the notes over but again I get the error of the backup being corrupt. Any ideas out there on how I can transfer the packages from my phone to my iPad and keep both synced with PkgBackup? I have tried contacting the developer several times but have yet to get an answer.