This app IS simple, but it's feature rich-something that I DIDNT expect to find! 
I'm really pleased with how versatile it is, while being intuitive and user friendly. I'd recommend it to anyone... Plus, take a hint from me and grab it before the price goes up. It's such a great app, it could skyrocket ... Once people know what they can do with it .

Check out the tube videos on the app's website. It'll tell you a lot about the content... I thought I'd be stuck with "flip book" style animation on my iPad... Well, not anymore! Animating just got easy! A figure can now waltz across the screen just by recording while dragging it with my finger... Or, a simple animated model can talk and do the same thing, with a little practice. It has camera angles, sound recording, photo library integration, puppet out of a picture, ....almost anything ... Wish it was this easy on my regular computer animating programs lol. I've just gone iPad 

Thanks, app developers, for a fun, cheap, usable animation app!! looking forward to all this app will do for me.

You should deffo check it out.