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Thread: Accident: installed SwirlyMMS2 on iPad

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    Default Accident: installed SwirlyMMS2 on iPad
    So I told my girlfriend that the iPad can send SMSes in the future given the right app. She borrowed my iPad and downloaded SwirlyMMS2 onto it.

    Reboot and my iPad suddenly thinks it's an iPhone, my best guess is that they integrated some iPhone files into the system.

    1. Apps don't scale up - no 1x 2x button
    2. at the lock screen, the "short" drag to unlock became a full length one (ala the iPhone)
    3. I cannot uninstall it via Cydia as the buttons at the bottom don't work - i can't click sections and access apps i've installed. (as with other apps, a lot of dialogs don't work anymore)

    So is there any thing i can do to uninstall the app or undo this problem?
    Sorry for such stupidity.

    Thanks in advance!

    Restarting the spring board works until i power off the device. I have already uninstalled swirlysms but the problem persists. Anyone has any ideas?
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    Well I guess there are a lot of things to change so I think your best hope is to restore then rejailbreak, but do it fast before releasing the new ios version 0_0 it will be a disaster then.

    Put it into DFU mode first.

    How To Put The iPhone Into DFU Mode
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    Don't restore! I posted a how to fix this on another forum the other day, and nobody said anything il post it here, it's an easy fix

    Hi, I hope this might help anyone who finds after restarting the iPad it thinks its an iPod. It happened to me yesterday after installing TV Mirror out 2 I think. You get a small dock with 4 icons stuck bottom left, some of your icons go blank, rotating doesn't work and everything you launch looks different. First thing you'l notice is when you launch cydia the bottom half of the screen doesn't notice you've touched it. Its the same with the on screen keyboard and some other parts. I looked on here and googled for a fix but didnt find one, I really didnt want to restore, so here's how I fixed it.

    Launch Cydia and hold somewhere blank at the top of the screen, now when you press manage, it works

    Find and choose the last app you installed with cydia,
    press modify, now again press somewhere higher up the screen and press remove at the same time, away it goes.

    When its uninstalled, turn your iPad off and on, and it should be returned to normal

    If it is still the same go into cydia and remove anything else you installed recently. You can always put them back on one at a time and see what caused it.

    I hope this helps anyone else who finds there iPad in this condition. Maybe we could start a list of what not to install. My iPads on 3.2.1 and I love it, alot

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    Hi. What indid was to use sbssettings and restarted springboard and ended up to have a ipad screen again. I then proceed to uninstall the swirlymms app and rebooted the ipad only to find it revert to the iphone mode again..

    So it doesnt really seems totally solved on my part and i continue sourcing for help.

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    Did you find the cause yet? You could just remove everything and check as you put them back on. Good luck

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    Talking Thank you Jiggle
    After I install TV out2... On my IPAD ,it has error like your post and I fix it with your suggestion ..Excellent ! It works, thank you for your kind...

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    Glad you got it working Its brilliant to know my post helped. Thank you

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