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Thread: Remote Desktop App Suggestions?

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    Default Remote Desktop App Suggestions?
    Over the years I've become the defacto computer tech guy for all of my friends and family. With work, kids, etc. it's gotta more difficult in recent years to set aside trips to people's houses to provide this tech support.

    I like the idea of a remote desktop app to login and fix folks remotely for them. Thus, I need something that is not only functional on my end, but requires little/nothing on the other end.

    I've used Teamviewer on my macbook and iphone a few times, and am generally happy with the results. As of yet they've not released an iPad version (though the iphone version works well there).

    The only downside is the lack of audio streaming. Do any such apps offer this?

    Any app suggestions for my situation?


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    Logmein ignition

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    No no no no, you be needing TeamViewer. That's what I use and it's amazing! I fix many many PCs using Teamviewer and after they then bought out an iPhone app too I could fix PCs & Macs from my pocket!

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    OK, so that's one vot each, anyone want to jump in and break the tie?

    Perhaps offer some insight in terms of features?

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    Logmein ignition is the best.

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    The best is Desktop Connect because you can even wake up the pc by lan it is very fast and good. You can use windows themes and background and all. You can also turn them off or whatever you want to do! I mainly dont like Logmein because you need to make a account and if you want like bussiness account you have to pay extra money. With Desktop connect you dont have to do any of that even no pre loaded software boys and girls. Just goto your PC click on windows remote share and than get your internet IP address and than put it in the program and thats all you do. Every fast stuff. No setup needed or extra software. I think companys dont need the loggin crap. Even they could share it with apple. No thanks.
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    Another Vote for Logmein I have it on everything works perfect

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    Forget the vote pay for the cheaper one and its better believe you me. I dont need to vote because I see the difference.
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    Default You should def check out wyse [video below]
    Check this out:

    [ame=]Wyse Pocket Cloud Review for iPad and iPhone (Running Windows 7 And XP) on Vimeo[/ame]

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