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Thread: Desktop Connect App

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    Default Desktop Connect App
    So i'm able to get it to work with my MBP over wifi which in/around the house. How do I connect when I'm not home?

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    not sure on the desktop connect but the iTeleport was super easy by using a gmail account. I did notice this on the Desktop connect site:

    "We're pleased to announce that Desktop Connect 2.0 is 3G optimized for the iPad. We will offer this in May 2010 as a free upgrade to all Desktop Connect customers."

    Maybe that's why you are having the problem. Not sure if they released it yet. It looks like the Desktop connect is going to add the Gmail deal too this month if they havent already.

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    Default Check out wyse
    Wyse is great

    [ame=]Wyse Pocket Cloud Review for iPad and iPhone (Running Windows 7 And XP) on Vimeo[/ame]

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    I've been using the following methods (I like having backups just in case something goes wrong when I'm not at home.

    - VNC Viewer (RealVNC) app on the iPad, enable VNC password under screen sharing on your mac (sounds like you already have) to set a strong password. Locally connected when I'm on that network, I've also set up port forwarding on my router so I can get to it when needed. What does concern me about this is that the last time I connected using this method, it claimed that encryption was disabled. It had been fully encrypted before.

    - LogmeIn. Finally got around to trying this out and it seems to be pretty good. It lets you select individual screens like Apple's Screen Sharing/RDP app will Mac to Mac. That's helpful with 3-4 screens hooked up. It is apparently also encrypted and tunneled, doesn't require you to change any router/firewall port forwarding settings.

    I still haven't been happy with any of the Windows RDC/Remote Desktop/Terminal Service/MSTSC/whatever you feel like calling it apps available though. Almost all seem to choke with high resolutions (5760x1200)

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    What's the best way to connect to your pc when your not able to access a wifi connection. I have vnc set up and when I am on a wifi connection it works great but when I am not it doesn't connect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukbsktbll View Post
    What's the best way to connect to your pc when your not able to access a wifi connection. I have vnc set up and when I am on a wifi connection it works great but when I am not it doesn't connect.
    Have you port forwarded TCP 5900 (or whatever else you might set your VNC port on your computer to) on your router? Along with doing that, you'll need to know your external IP address to be able to connect to it from the iPad. An easy way of doing this is setting up a account so you can easily connect to "" or similar.

    Step 1) google for "port forward VNC *whatever router you use*" and set that up pointing to the internal IP of your computer.
    Step 2) set up a dynamic DNS account (google for that, is free).
    Step 3) connect to the external IP/dyndns address from VNC. I'd set the quality to "auto" as 3G is a slower connection.

    Or you can use logmein's client on your PC and on the iPad.

    Just realized that you said "PC" so you might be talking about Windows. Same deal but you can use Remote Desktop instead. Same basic process but forward port 3389 instead. You'll have to use a Remote Desktop/RDP app instead of VNC on the iPad.

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    Teamviewer HD is free and has worked for me.
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