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Thread: Intelliscreen Support

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    Default Intelliscreen Support

    what a mess is the support from intelliborn.

    if you write there you ill get an autoresponder with the link to the faq's.

    This is no support fot payed programms.

    i wrote many mails and i just can say this company is not correct.

    they selling apps which are not working on iphone 4 but dont tell this in the selling prozess.

    there is afterwards no support.

    almost the backups are shown in rock but sometimes not able to download.

    so my tip get apps like lockcalender which is free and working and save your money and anger.

    also My3G is not working even more worst after installing facetime is not working anymore but its still selling without notice.


    Company which is not able to get there problems working and get apps working.

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    seriously stop posting the same **** everywhere, they are working fine and like i said b4, their support is good, in fact 24hours toget a reply from tech support

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    first i will post as what i want and you are not ruling me, ok.

    i dont care what is working for you and what a nice support it is for you.

    Open your eyes and read all the postings in the internet about the problems and then think one more time what you telling.

    Do you get money for posts like that.

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    hey @schani, i agree the intelliborn support is not very responsive. i believe the developer is doing everything himself (running the Rock store, developing apps, and support). so i think he is swamped. I do have many of the intelliborn products working fine on i4 tho, including intelliscreen, elert, tlert and mywi.

    sorry you are having issues.
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