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Thread: IntelliAlerts (Calendar/Calls) donīt work while phone locked (3GS, iOS 4.0.1)

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    Unhappy IntelliAlerts (Calendar/Calls) donīt work while phone locked/screen switched off (iOS4)

    today i bought IntelliScreen for iOS4 (made a trial some weeks ago at the time i had iOS3 on my phone).

    The only feature i want to use are the IntelliAlerts for
    Calendar Events and Calls:

    - Alarm Interval 1 or 5 minutes
    - Alarm Duration 6 Hours


    The IntelliAlerts for missed Calendar Events or Calls donīt work for me while the phone is locked:

    The IntelliAlerts only start when i get back to the locked phone and push the lock or home button, then IntelliScreen starts the alarms which actually had to be started while the phone was locked with the screen switched off.

    Please help.

    Thank you

    - iPhone 3GS
    - iOS 4.0.1 (almost fresh install with no exotic apps)
    - IntelliScreen v4.4.1 (up2date)
    - IntelliShared v4.4.7 (up2date)
    - IntelliStatusBarIcons v0.93 (up2date)
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    In settings, is your Notifications turned 'on?'

    I noticed if you turn your Notifications "off" in settings it will not alert according to your set intervals.

    Set Notifications to 'on' and try it.

    Okay, I see. Looks like at least one badge or alert(in any app) in the Notifications section must be turned on for the alert to work correctly.

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    Intelliborn has just emailed me saying that issues were fix in today's update.

    'We apologize for the inconvenience. *We have just released an update to IntelliScreen and IntelliShared 4.5.3 that should resolve many of the recently reported bugs. *Please launch the on your phone to update.


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