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Thread: Rock extensions off

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    Default Rock extensions off
    Okay, probably all based on Rock, coming from the Palm world and then Windows Mobile, I wanted an aplication to display calendar info/missed calls/weather, etc. Intelliscreen is perfect for this. So following the procedure, I installed Rock, and then Intelliscreen. When I installed Rock, it locked my phone. I gave it 20 minutes on a charger and finally had to reset the phone. Rock showed up fine, so next I installed Intelliscreen and it appeared to load fine, though now I wonder if I didn't see some errors on install. Intelliscreen came up great and I loved it, however, I had a few quirks and decided to remove Intelliscreen and Rock and reinstall. The first time I installed Rock it tells me that I have a hash sum mismatch. So I tried it again and it loaded and locked my phone. I reset and Rock showed up fine. I re-install Intelliscreen and now it will not enable. It tells me I have some issues with Rock extensions disabled. When I go to Rock to fix, it has the extensions enabled stippled out and there is not way to enable. I know this is not an intelliscreen problem, but I would really like to get this working. Anyone have any tips?

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    have u reinstalled the rock-extentions via cydia?
    they are probably not installed.

    Me personally Im starting to have real issues with Rock.
    Im getting a error from the app on my lockscreen once a week stating that the Rock app keeps crashing blah blah blah, please send error report to rock support, etc...

    Stability and Rock do not go hand in hand.

    If your looking for lockscreen info i suggest you take a look at the lockinfo theme and the Gruppled LockInfo them, both provide you with the same as intellicrap without losing your stability.
    They can be found at

    Intelliscreen has been terrible since day 1 and now that its paired with Rock its like a double negative for them.

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    Intelliscreen and rock work perfectly on my 3 phones....

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    ^+1 No issues here.
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    Working just fine through 3 FW upgrades.

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    I'm willing to bet Rock would work perfectly well if you didn't have Cydia installed alongside it. Something about Mobile Substrate and Rock Extensions running together just feels kinda iffy.

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