When a new email comes in and the phone is asleep, when I wake it to the Intelliscreen home screen with and hit the email notification (from Elert) to bring up the Quickview, the Quickview window will be unresponsive (no scrolling, exiting or being able to launch email). If i hit the home button and open the standard email application, the screen is also unresponsive. All other applications are fine. I have to reset the phone to fix the issue.

I have Intelliscreen installed on my phone and I have found that if I disable Intelliscreen, i do not have the problems with Quickview and the Elert app works fine. I think there is some conflict with Intelliscreen and the Elert application.

I am on 3.0.1 with the 3GS. Perhaps the developer can respond and lets us know if this a known glitch that can be fixed in a update.