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Thread: IntelliAlerts overlays on top of SpringBoard on Iphone 3.0

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    Default IntelliAlerts overlays on top of SpringBoard on Iphone 3.0
    I have the latest IntelliScreen 2.93.3 will everything updated. But ever since the upgrade to 3.0 and I have "multiple alerts" on the lock screen, I'll click the button to clear the alert. After I unlock the phone, the alerts will again display and bring up IntelliAlert overlayed on top of SpringBoard. It is very annoying and the only way I can work around this is to lock the phone and repeat clearing alerts until I clear them all one at a time. Anyone else having this problem and know a solution to this?


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    llryo: Do you know if this is related to multiple calendar alerts possibly?
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    Yes, it only happens when I have multiple calendar events. I've got the screen shots.
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    Mine is doing the same thing however I do not have calendar alerts enabled. It was happening with email alerts.

    Don't have a screen shot however can take one next time if needed.

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    hey guys, try tapping on the status bar when this happens. no kidding, this is a feature, not a bug. you can call up intelliscreen from any screen by double tapping the status bar, and dismiss it by a single tap. If you have SBSettings installed, make sure you tap, not swipe.

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    Neat hidden feature... (for those that doesn't read the manual...)

    But this one is different from the "full screen" with your neat "hidden" feature intelliscreen. It is not in full screen mode and takes the dimensions exactly like the lock screen.

    Notice that the in background, the IPhone alert is in the background that "triggers" IntelliAlert to display. There is no way to dismiss the IPhone alert cuz it's in the background.

    Thanks for the info though. I'll try to use the single tap to see if this "work-around" can dismiss the screen.

    This "bug" is very similar to the race-condition if you unlock the device faster than IntelliAlert can display the screen. I just learn to slow myself down.

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