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Thread: Am I too stupid to run SBSettings AND Intelliscreen on 3.0 3G?

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    Question Am I too stupid to run SBSettings AND Intelliscreen on 3.0 3G?
    Hello together,

    I am sorry to bother you because after reading here it LOOKS as if the current versions of Rock Extensions and Intelliscreen work fine with Mobile Substrate and the like.

    But whenever *I* install Intelliscreen since I have upgraded to 3.0, it immediately crashes on first load on the lock screen and the new version of Rock Extensions tells me it was a problem with SBsettings.dylib

    Since I seem to be the only one experiencing this with the newest program versions I wanted to ask the experts IF they would expect this combination to be working after I reinstalled my 3.0 from scratch, i.e. not restoring the phone from an older backup but do a completely clean install with manually entering all the data later :/

    It would be great if some of you could advise something (I would simply try it, but I am afraid of the long configuration afterwards and then find out it will not run anyway.

    THanks a lot!


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    Tom - I have both SBSettings and Intelliscreen installed on my 3G with 3.0 and have not noticed any issues. I have had issues on my 3GS with Intelliscreen, but not nearly to the level you're having.

    I always do a complete restore anytime I upgrade firmware. When you use JB'ed phones, you get used to restoring. I would suggest trying a restore from scratch. Backup again before you so, and if it doesn't fix the problem, you can always restore from backup and you've only lost an hour.

    The combination that works for me is do a restore, use redsn0w to JB, install Cydia updates, install SBSettings, then RockApp from Cydia abd Intelliscreen.

    I'm not a developed so I can't help you much in troubleshooting your current problem, sorry.

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    Hey Jimmy,

    great, thanks for the answer... so at least I can be sure that you are running this combination without problems. Then it should be possible on my device, too - I will give it a try. Maybe someone else will find a better solution in the next days, otherwise I will erase everything!


    Just a little update:

    Since Rock extensions told me SBSettings.dylib would be the reason, I completely uninstalled all SBSettings packages and plugins related (using dpkg -P).

    But still, Rock extensions keep crashing telling me probably the reason for this is

    (sorry, no access possible at the moment, maybe path/file name are not exactly this).

    Going into that very directory there are some libraries of other programs - but NOTHING, NOTHING that is named after SBSettings.

    How can Rock extensions say something is responsible for the crash although it is not even installed???

    I rebooted quite a few times... no change.

    Maybe someone knows more?

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    Hi Tom -
    Hmm - I guess if a new crash report wasn't generated - Rock Extensions reads the latest one. Do you see a crash report being created (view your iPhone system log via the Rock desktop client)
    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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