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Thread: Intelliscreen seems to disable the Copy & Paste function of Apple OS 3.0

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    Small workaround for the missing copy/paste function in Mail:

    The copy/paste function IS working in the quickview window. Just open the mail with the content you want to copy in quickview and enjoy the c/p function

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    @psuskeels, I had the strange keyboard issue pop up again last night (7/11/09). I went into my email and it did not respond to my touch. I went back to the home screen and the keyboard popped up, I resprung and the funny thing was that none of my icons responded. I had to lock and then unlock my phone and I was fine. Not sure if that as anything to do with your apps. I do have a syslog from right after those events if you want it. Let me know and I can email it to you or PM you a link to it. Thanks!

    FYI: I have a 3GS, 3.o that as rained on via the Mac. I also have the latest updates for all apps.

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    Work around, somewhat:

    paste into the notes app and email from there...till it's fixed.

    I love intelliscreen stuff. It's the best software out there. Shame apple won't allow it in the Appstore.

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    Seems to be an issue for me ONLY when I double click the menu bar to show intelliscreen view. Not enough to uninstall, and im sure we will see a fix soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psuskeels View Post
    Still working on the cut and paste.
    TheHeadFL: I think the keyboard is related to tlert - but if you could reproduce it consistently - i can fix immediately (problem is - trying to fix it, but don't know if it's fixed until it happens again - which is very sporadic unfortunately.
    The life of a programmer.

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    Hey Guys: 1tufgt: Yes
    Everyone: Keyboard issue (tlert) is fixed (That was extremely an annoying bug ! Also, the cut and paste should be fixed, but it seems to be a 95-99% fix . If you still have issues, please report (and if you can reproduce them - please post the steps - it helps immensely!).
    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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    I had the same problem too.I simply did a firmware 3.0 install and just after that I did a factory reset on my iphone.Then I installed this application again and voila!I did not encounter it anymore.
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    Well the last update fixed the copy/paste issue. Thanks Psuskeels!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by asimba View Post
    Well the last update fixed the copy/paste issue. Thanks Psuskeels!!

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