I noticed that after my trial ended, it just stopped working but with it, it took my letters from the dialer, so, for example, if I didn't have winterboard installed, and didn't have a dialer theme (unless there is one that does not require Winterboard (3G = less memory, thus lag, trick is to get a app from Apple SOON like System Activity Monitor that can release memory, but hurry up as Apple is requiring developers to get rid of that, you would want version 1,1, first App I purchased last night to see if I can release more memory until I get a 3GS.

Anyway, any idea on how to get my text back? You might ask why you would need that, but sometimes if I call charter, its 1888-Get-Charter.

But since installing Activity Monitor, winter board seems faster.

Also, how do you install these themes for iPhone.
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When you click on d/l it's hex or programming language.
Thanks again.