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Thread: help! after putting installer on iphone, no room left for music

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    Default help! after putting installer on iphone, no room left for music
    I recently used apptap to put installer onto my iphone. Since then I have installed about 10 new apps onto my iphone, all taking up less than one mb. Now whenever i plug my iphone into itunes, my memory shows up as full, with only a few mb's left. Is this normal, or is all of my music being stored on my iphone in a trash can of some sort, so that it cannot be accessed through the ipod, but still takes up memory. Thanks

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    Is your total space being reported as 300 MB, or is it reporting the correct size?

    The 300MB is a common, but old problem. Did you use the new Installer App?

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    no, the total space is still around 7 gigs, its just all taken up by "other" and i used the older version of app tap, but i am currently running the newest version of the install app

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    i have this problem!!! all my storage is now empty and i only have 400 song in it!!!! says it's "other" what is taking all the space... anyone know how to fix this?

    do you have any ideas on how to fix this problem? im out of room and i got 400 songs in iphone... please let me know thanks
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    Things have happened like that to me, It once said i had 7.27 filled with other, and then had a 10.27gb capacity in total.

    I had to restore.

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    messege for samuel the first..... if you still dont know what "other" is i found the problem took me a long time but i got it.. your files(other) still there but you need "swaptunes" i thought i was gonna need to delete everything but swaptunes is all you need try it hope that helps

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    There is a seperate partition for the OS, where the apps run, so while you might have an 8gig phone you only have around 105mb to install apps in.
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