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Thread: BSD Subsystem nowhere to be found?

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    Default BSD Subsystem nowhere to be found?
    im pretty new to this. just jailbroke my 3g iphone running 2.2.1 fw. I have both cydia and installer installed. neither of which i can find bsd subsystem. I installed Community sources and still. Ive refrshed and rebooted several times, still nada.

    in Installer i have these sources linked:
    BigBoss's Apps and Things
    iSpazio Offical

    and in cydia:
    BigBoss & Planet-iphones
    Ste Packaging
    Telesphoreo Tangelo
    Winterboarder Thermator...

    I've tried searching for bsd and looking all through the catagories and i cant find it. any help?

    if it helps i jailbroke my iphone using QuickPwn and im using installer 4.1.2

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    BSD Subsystem was installed when you jailbroke it

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    haha that would explain it. does it not show up as an installed package becase ive looked in both installers

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    no, I don't think it shows up . No worries tho you have it

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    I think Cydia would crash if you didn't
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    is there a better way to know for sure if it is installed? Can you find the files in Mobile Finder?

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    I dont know for sure, but I do know that it is installed during the j/b.
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    I had the same question going from 1.1.4 to 2.01. It was manually installed before The process changed and you get it by default now.

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