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Thread: Installer in Aspen

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    Default Installer in Aspen
    Below are screenshots I took of in the Aspen Simulator. As you can see, the simulator treats this app as one native to the device, for I can't uninstall it. Unfortunately this app, along with all others I install without using Xcode crash when opened. Anyone with any more progress?

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    I have a couple of ideas. The problem is that Aspen does not run iPhone apps, it runs specifically compiled apps.
    if we had Installer's source we might build it in Xcode for Aspen and be done with it but we don't. A couple of approaches:

    1. Get Cydia's source and try to get it to build with the SDK. (difficult)
    2. Build MobileTerminal from source with Xcode and then run Installer from command line to see what errors are occuring, then transplant in the required Frameworks (doubtful).
    3. Write a crude SDK app that can read, interpret, and download packages from an Installer source (I might try this)

    In any case, I highly doubt the installed apps would run, as they too are iPhone apps. Hmm, maybe we should start making a whole system for Aspen and distributing apps via Aspen and whatever... That would be cool...

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