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Thread: Installer Problem

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    Default Installer Problem
    I am running a Jailbroke and Unlocked 1.1.1 on T-Mobile. When i am messing around with installer, it lets me Install or Uninstall about 5 things after that everything else fails Install or Uninstall (package download fail, unable to find host). when i go to reset all settings it starts all over i can only do five things everything else fails. How do i fix this

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    it is very easy - if you pay attention this will only happen if a package fails to install. what happens is that it is automatically added to queue and will try to install every time (just read what package fails to install when the warnign message pops up). so all you have to do is to clear the queue after something fails to install.

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    How do i see whats in the queue???

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    i dont think you can. i was also very frustrated until i realized that once an application doesnt install - every application after that will fail to download too. then i noticed that no matter what i try to install the error that comes up will always refer to that first one that didn't install and i think what happens is that it just adds it to queue and tries to install it again and again. so if you get an error - just click on the next app you want to install and when the message comes up to install or add to queue, just click clear queue .

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    i am experiencing problems with my phone now. i need some serious help...i had purchased my phone months ago and it was 1.1.2, but i did whatever and jailbroke it or what phone was working perfectly fine for the past few months, until last week when i decided to do the soft upgrade to 1.1.3. I installed the bsd subs, and then did the 1.1.3 devteam...ever since my phone has been acting up.i have had to try and reinstall all of the apps and games i had..the problem is that for some reason my phone will not download all the packages properly..if i hit on install it will show on the bottom of the screen the downloading package thing, and it will seem to work fine, then my screen resets and takes me back to the homescreen but without fully downloading whatever it is im trying to download. and it does this basically everytime i try and download anything..i have also deleted mostly everything for now, and im tryin to download the installer update, and it keeps telling my i dont have enough space, but i deleted everything? is there something i can do to fix my phone, so that it doesnt act up and it can download the packages, apps, games properly..???

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    Anyone knows a fix to "download package failed" error message? There is one app I'm trying to install and alway fail even after the queue is cleared.

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    If that error appears only with an app, that's not a fail of your phone, but a problem of the repository that is unavailable or overloaded. Just look for another source for that app.

    (sorry for my siouxglish) ;-)

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