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Thread: Installer changing Icons.

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    Default Installer changing Icons.
    Since many of us have changed the default icons to icons we like, wouldn't it be better if the updates through didn't overwrite our Icons. I'm sick of going in a changing the icons back everytime I update an app through Anybody with me on this? Is their a way to keep the update from overwriting the icon.png only?

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    ive been mulling over this, and its annoying yes, but, i think the way the system is built, is that it copys over entire folders, instead of just individual files. with this being said, perhaps they could take out the icon.png from those packages, but then, who would say if its a first time install or not, and if you did or didnt need the icons... my BEST solution for this currently is creating a folder with all those special icons and throw them into my applications directory, something called like icon restore folder and inside of those it would have folders which each of my custom icons, then i would use to copy them into their respective directories each time it was updated. that is my current work around atm.

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    i agree maybe a setting could be added to to indicate whether icons should or should not be copied over. that would be a nice addition. I'm currently using rsbt & dock to hide all the extra icons cause I got sick of always swapping the manually

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    In the meantime you could perhaps try to change the permission of the PNGs.

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    upload your icons to a directory in ~. Add an alias to .profile to copy it over with a command in terminal. Remember these aren't Apple supplied apps. Not sure that being "sick" of what you're doing is all that appropriate

    Check out my .profile
    alias iconapolloim='cp ~/.icons/apolloim.png /Applications/'
    alias iconbitchx='cp ~/.icons/bitchx.png /Applications/'
    alias iconfrotz='cp ~/.icons/frotz.png /Applications/'
    alias iconibj='cp ~/.icons/iblackjack.png /Applications/'
    alias iconinstaller='cp ~/.icons/installer.png /Applications/'
    alias iconilight='cp ~/.icons/ilight.png /Applications/'
    alias iconishare='cp ~/.icons/ishare.png /Applications/'
    alias iconlightsoff='cp ~/.icons/lightsoff.png "/Applications/Lights"'
    alias iconnes='cp ~/.icons/nes.png /Applications/'
    alias iconrsbt='cp ~/.icons/rsbt.png /Applications/'
    alias iconsendfile='cp ~/.icons/sendfile.png /Applications/'
    alias iconsendsong='cp ~/.icons/sendsong.png /Applications/'
    alias iconterm='cp ~/.icons/term-vt100.png /Applications/'
    alias iconvnotes='cp ~/.icons/vnotes.png /Applications/'

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    my reference tp being sick of swapping icons was in no way directed at any of the very talented and generous iphone app developers out there... i just cant keep up with all the updates (and thats a great thing!)... just one of those compulsive people who has to have desktop icons "just so"

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    a solution to this would be if the customize app didn't overwrite the icons, but told the springboard to "look elsewhere" for the icons. or for customize to create backups of custom icons, and have an option like "refresh icons" for checking all icons are maintained.

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