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Thread: Why isn't oktoprep showing up in installer?

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    Default Why isn't oktoprep showing up in installer?
    I downloaded installer from "" and download the community package, and 1.1.1 and 1.1.3 tweeks are showing up but in 1.1.1 there is no oktoprep. Any idea how to fix this?

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    hey having the same problem its not showing up in installer weird well im stuck someone figure this out!

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    I did this less than 8 hours ago and it was there, keep refreshing sources a few times and checking the 1.1.1 tweaks

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    Hi guys,
    Same problem here, I just did the entire process 2 hours ago for another iphone and oktoprep was there, but now I'm doing it again on another iphone from a friend and oktoprep is not there anymore, I already restored fw a few times jailbreaked again and nothing! is not there I was going to try the "manual method" for oktoprep but I need to install Term-vt100 and is not there either?

    The weird thing is that Cocenited Software repository is under Uncategorized sources on installer, and I already refreshed 50 times still there under uncategorized... server down? any news??????????

    thanks and I'm stuck on 1.1.1 trying to get back to 1.1.2


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    hahhah yea me too, cant we add oktoprep using open ssh?

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    I have the same problem... many things are not longer there... iWorld when away

  7. #7 in the features says: now oktoprep automatically installed but we all know that doesn't work, so what can we do now?

    I can't find Term-vt100 on installer to proceed with the manual method for oktoprep...

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    sounds like you guys are not on the updated installer possibly, but it should have given you the option to upgrade when you refreshed.

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    wow where is oktoprep i cant find it

    is there a download site for oktoprep?
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    Ok just did this because installer I don't know, something is happening:

    I uploaded oktoprep here:

    Extract from mmi thread (

    A) Install BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH, and Term-vt100
    B) SSH (I used WinSCP) and copy the file (mknod) to /sbin/
    C) On the iPhone, open up the terminal app and type:

    /sbin/mknod /private/var/root/Media/disk c 14 1

    D) Now update to 1.1.2
    E) Run the windows.bat file after updating, your now good to go!


    Confirmed by me it works!, now I have to find an alternative download for iWorld and I'm all set.


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    hey termvt100 isnt on there either man

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    still no oktoprep i dunno what to do

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    I figured it out, when I didnt update installer I looked and i had tweaks 1.1.1 and in it was oktoprep, then I upgraded installer and looked back and it wasnt there so you have to install it before upgrading installer.

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    how can you get an old version of installer? when i followed the guide it went right to 3.0 and have the same no oktoprep problem.

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    You may need to restore the phone and Jailbreak again in order to renew installer. However, unless you find a way to ssh into the phone and remove the update then install oktoprep then update you may be able to but im not good with open ssh, Plus I just used ziphone 1.1 and everything is working on my phone including youtube and maps sooooo.....

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    looks like theres a problem with the conceitedsoftware source? tried re-adding it manually still shows up as uncategorized

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    i need help the term vt-100 keeps sayin zsh directory does not exist i dont get it my aim is crazylilbadb0i thanks

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    But now iWorld is not on the list so now I'm already on 1.1.2 everything working, SIM recognized, etc, but now I can't dial because I don't have iWorld

    Does anybody know an alternative source for iWorld?

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    Same issue for me as CLP.... I need iWorld and it's not there, and all of a sudden Conceited Software is in the Uncategorized section of sources. What happened? Last night it was in the Community Sources spot!!!

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    Found it!
    Do this....
    Install this as a source:
    Find OkToPrep in "Hack That Phone Tools"
    then proceed with jailbreak.jar after using iTunes to update to 1.1.2

    Tested it and works fine!

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