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Thread: HELP!! "package download failed, can't find host" error!!

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    Default HELP!! "package download failed, can't find host" error!!
    Hey guys,

    I have a jailbreaked 1.1.1 ipod touch and up until yesterday it was working great. Then all of the sudden when I try to install anything via the installer I get this error. (package download failed, can't find host". I just figured the repository was down but now nothing will install from any repository and i get this same error. I know the wifi is working because i can surf the net and all so I am stuck. I have searched google for the answer but haven't found one yet. I don't want to restore this all over again if I can help it.

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    Have you tried restarting your iPod?

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    Yes, I restarted it several times and no go... I just figures it out though. It needed the sources updated. Once I did that it was fine...


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    Default Same Problem
    I am having the same problem as Doc. I can't download any new apps and when I try to upgrade apps it won't allow me to. New apps aren't even showing up in installer anymore. I think I am using version 1.1.2 but it could be 1.1.1. Any help would be great and I wouldn't even mind if I had to jailbreak again. Thank you!!

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    I think it's because Ste has changed hosts & moved his repo's

    Check this post

    Read The RED text

    If you update as required all should be fine........

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    Double Post (What a tool I am)
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    i tried that website but i am still having the same problem i can't download any new apps i will try anything i just need help

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    generally when it said cannot connect to host its because the wifi isn't working. Check your router and restart it, then reestablish a new wifi connection

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    i am currently having the same problem...
    i have an iphone 1.1.2 unlocked by jailbreak
    meh i just want taptaprevolution ><

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Thanks for the suggestion psp2006, I reckon it is the reason why I am having the same issue, but unfortunately, although I have installer 3.0, I only have commmunity sources 3.3 and when I try to upgrade it... same error; cant find host. I've tried restarting the ipod and the router, but no luck. Any suggestions?


    [edit] Actually, solved the problem myself... duh. Turns out that, without telling me, installer was still trying to download other stuff in the 'queue' which remained from when I pressed update all, before it downloaded the updated community sources. All I needed to do was clear the queue.
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    ok go into install try to install something get the error then hold down the home button to close installer then go back into installer and try to install community sources
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    ya'll dumb

    i love you and want to go out DOC1976

    ya'll dumb
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    I ran across the same issue and fixed it by using the "soft reset" (correct me if I used the wrong term). To "soft reset" just hold down the "home" and "power" buttons on the iTouch at the same time until your iTouch turns off, then power back up and hopefully your good to go. Hope this helps.

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    that happens to me alot but sometimes it downloads but right before it finishes it goes back to springboard/desktop it is really starting to piss me off

    i really need help ive looked everywere
    please help!!!!!!!

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    Just want to say, I had the same problem as everyone else, and the previous poster was correct--after clearing the entire queue and updating community sources, no problem!

    I take that back--I was able to update sources successfully, but it still says that I can't download anything besides installer. APPARENTLY, I read on another forum that ste repo site is down, and a lot of things aren't available right now. Can't confirm the validity of this, but I know I'm not the only one.
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    Me and the wife are having the same problem. Can't download anything. I realize this thread is old but the previous bumped it so I figured I would say that Installer is not working for either of us ATM. Let me know people!
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    I was just about to start a thread for this. My phone was really acting up and I thought it was just me so I actually restored it and everything to no avail. OMG this is so frustrating, now I have NO apps lol..

    Whats the deal on the sources? I tried everything (refreshing, deleting, re-adding, reinstalling, restarting the phone, etc etc) but nothing works!!
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    same problem
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    same problem here as well.

    im thinking there down.


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    is some going to fix this ?

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