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Thread: installer now has ads?????? say it aint so....

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    Default installer now has ads?????? say it aint so....
    Whats with the web addresses with each of the items in installer? I.E BW What gives???????? or am i misinterpreting the descriptions?  6040

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    i thought those were telling you who is the original creator of that app since the people hosting it are only hosting it?

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    wasn't thinking that. might be, but since they are associated with alot of items, i am thinking more on ads.  6040

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    STE now has multiple hosting providers for load balancing. Check his site for more info:

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    yea but even if they were ads id rather have them than have to pay for apps. somebodys gotta keep the iphone modding business alive.
    hit thanks if thanks are due.

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    Yes, there are ads. If you read Shaun's blog here You'll see that the largest installer repository has had some issues with the previous hosting providers, basically pulling the plug.

    We (Polar Bear Farm) along with another sponsor have provided some security of hosting by donating a couple of servers on dedicated connections to support the several terabytes of data used by iPhone users very month.

    The alternative to this would that the largest repository would not longer exist, as it's not cheap to deliver that sort of bandwidth reliably. You'll also notice that source refreshes are now substantially faster.

    Layton Duncan

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    Thanks lduncan, i'm sure 95% of the iphone community realises and appreciates your support
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    ok, was wondering. If it helps offset costs, then cool by me. (like I matter) Just wasnt sure if maybe I got infected with a new virus putting pop ups on my phone or they were legit.  6040

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    It's very intrusive at the moment (Basically obliterates the package description, which is not good), but we're working to make it a lot less intrusive, so bear with it for now, changes are happening. (I get irritated by intrusive advertising too)

    As an installer user, I wanna see app descriptions too. But it's about making sure that Ste Packaging is a fast and reliable source for apps.


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    Thanks for helping with the server lduncan (&PBF&freeit4less). I don't mind the ads too much, but as you say, it would be much nicer if they were on the "more info" screen rather than at the front taking up the short description space.

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    Question What about the recents
    is it just me or are there a googolplex of recent packages today?
    is it because of this change?

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    The ton of recent packages is related to the switch to the two dedicated servers which has made a massive improvement to source refresh speeds and reliability.

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    It is a lot faster and I am happy with that. Whatever it takes to get better speed...

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    Please read this regarding a proposed solution to this problem. Make sure you leave feedback on Shaun's site:

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