I have my phone IPSF unlocked, and upgraded and jailbroken on 1.1.3, activated with AT&T. All works fine, almost.

The problem is, somehow Installer.app, it's settings, or some permissions, got screwed up, because some packages, can't be uninstalled and show instead up with "reinstall" as option. However, no matter how often I reinstall, they can't be uninstalled and they keep showing up with reinstall.

Similarly, installed apps may require an update. If I have Installer update these apps, even after the update is installed, Installer still shows these apps as needing an update.

Does this mean the permissions are screwed up, or does that mean that the Installer's repositories/settings files are damaged?

Is there a way to delete and properly reinstall the installer WITHOUT doing a full downgrade and jailbreak again? (It was a real PITA, because I had to do several attempts because my phone seemed to like to hang itself at various stages of the process, which forced me to start from the beginning, until it finally went through all the way and worked).

Or is this a permission issue? I have yet to see a listing of correct permissions for a properly configured iPhone (nope, I don't want to do the brute force chmod -R 777 thing that was suggested somewhere on the internet...)