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Thread: Removing apps and SSH?

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    Default Removing apps and SSH?
    So, i'm completely new to jailbroken iPhones but I have a question that i want to verify. I have downloaded many programs from installer/cydia and they work fine right out of the apps. didn't have to change any permissions or anythign. but in order to remove programs that i've installed i'm assuming i have to install SSH? is my assumption correct?

    Cydia is nice b/c it has a built in uninstall. what purpose does SSH give me? I thought i read that SSH was how you actually install programs but they're installing fine with beta 4.

    One other question is what happens when i sync with itunes? will it replace my installer apps if i don't do something with SSH?

    Thanks for your kind help to an iphone newb!

    NM, I'm a noob!
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    SSH is just (basically) a way to access files on your phone - back in the day before the installers (cydia and the like) it was used for that and other things replacing/adding sound files - Images - etc... In most cases there is an app that will do what customizing you want to your phone, but you still can go old school and just SSH and replace the the old "item" with your new one. But, be warned, you CAN really really screw the phone up too by SSHing, better off to just use a app for what you want to do...

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    I would recommend installing SSH, even if you dont plan on using it. It will come in handy when the day comes that you freeze your phone. Just make sure you remember your IP. SSHing in and renaming the applications folder is the simplest way to get a frozen phone to boot up without having to restore. So my advice, Download openSSH from Cydia (there wont be an icon, so you wont notice it) write down your IP somewhere. And forget about it, until that day your phone wont turn on...... and that will happen.
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    Remember than on some networks the IP may change occasionally. Its best to set the iphone to a static IP in your router so that doesnt happen, especially if the phone is frozen and you cant open settings or BossPrefs to see the IP.

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