I have upgraded my installer app and BSD app to the latest versions as directed. Then I have installed the new direct upgrade installer from the install app. I have also made sure I have as much space on the internal memory as possible.

I quit install and goto the springboard to launch the upgrade. It then asks if I want to use the 'hackivation' and then something about iTunes. This has completely thrown me as there was no mention of this so far happening. Whether i choose yes or no as the next options the app starts to download a 'restore' (i thought it was an upgrade) with 'ipsw' and a percentage of download which never leaves zero. It seems as though some large file is being downloaded but after some minutes the phone just quits and reverts to normal function as though nothing had happened.

What am i doing wrong? The instructions seemed so simple this time, i thought. I had no trouble doing a complete restore then breaking to 1.1.2 and that was a lot more involved. Can anyone please help? Many thanks!!