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Thread: 1.1.3 Jailbroken Installer Problem; App

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    Default 1.1.3 Jailbroken Installer Problem; App

    I had the same Problem already on my jailbroken 1.1.2 iPod Touch. Now I did a complete new Install from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3. Installer is there and worked pretty well at the beginning. But after installing 6 programs, I cannot install new programs. I select one from the repository, install it. The installer downloads everything, starts the installation and then goes directly to my desktop. The installation was at about 1%...
    There are no more icons, but when I connect through ssh to my iPod, I see the installed apps in my Applications folder. eg yesterday I installed iSolitaire, same problem; today the Icon is on my Board.

    Anyone any idea?

    thanks in advance
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    i had the exact same thing. I found that sometimes if i uninstalled an app, then exited out, i could install a couple more apps before it happened again. Never got Pocketguitar or TTR or isolitaire to work though. I ended up giving up and going back to 1.1.2 for now


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    hmm, yes that's exactely my problem

    but I already had it with 1.1.2. so on your device it works well with 1.1.2?

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    Default installer fix
    <a href="">;id=2036</a><br>
    Ftp to phone and copy to ../applications/ folder</div>
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    Default installer fix
    <a href="">;id=2036</a><br>
    Ftp to phone and copy to ../applications/ folder</div>

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    thanks, but now I get:
    Main script execution failed!

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    i followed the downgrade guide stickied in this forum

    and now my installer works perfectly, installs with no issues, and never crashes (yet, knock on wood)

    good luck


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    After several retries, id did this:

    (if you have that script execution error)
    cd /
    cd Applications/
    rm -rf
    chmod +s
    chown -R root:wheel

    now Installer works again, and I have the latest version. Installing works as well, but some apps don't appear on my Springboard. The Application is in my Application Folder, but I have no icon

    and the first time I installed 1.1.3 I was able to move my icons (1.1.3 feature), but now it's gone.

    Any idea?

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