I updates from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3.
When i wanted to install 3rd party appz, the iphone told me the error.
I removed some apps and installed BOSSTOOL.

But some apps could not work with that tool. No level packs in Psychics ed.

I undid the bosstool movement, and now i have a problem..
Everytime i wnat to install an app, installer says main script execution error. That's because of no discspace..
I installed bosstool again, with putty because i could not use the installer.
Bosstool doesn't work anymore... a lightblue screen, nothing more.
I tried to delete some apps with putty, but i do not get more discspace.
Uninstalling in installer also fails.

Who can help me ?

(ps sorry about my bad englisch, i'm Dutch)