Hello world,

I am based in New Delhi, India and had sourced an iphone from the US. As usual, the iphone had come locked, and being the moron and paranoid that i was, i actually paid a shop keeper here to have my phone unlocked. While the guy has managed to get the iphone going, there are a few problems which are not resolved. Firstly, i am unable to configure my gmail on the iphone. When i tried, the message that came up on the iphone was that "Cannot connect using SSL. Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL". If i say "Yes", nothing happens and then it says "Failed" after a bit. Help!!! The other thing is that i dont have "installer" on this. I am quite illeterate as far as computer softwares is concerned, but from what i understand, i would need to have installer on the iphone for me to be able to change the themes, add apps, wallpapers, ring tones, etc. Could someone please help me understand and exploit this amazing piece of equipment to its fullest extent. I have already spent quite a bomb to get this unlocked...so dont want to waste more money. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.