I installed a few apps off installer the other day and have run into som minor issues. I was wondering if anyone else had run into these issues and if they had figured out how to fix them.. I installed "iTrac" the package tracking software, and the more likely culprit "Maps Offline" to save mps and routes when without edge or wifi. Anyway I installed and all looked to be good untill I left for a long trip across the US. after leaving the house I mapped my route only to find everything in Kilometers... I could do the conversion everytime but it's driving me nuts! I have looked and looked and I can't find a way to change to miles. tried the "international tab" took it off US and put it back, but no luck... Another thing I noticed this morning was I was syncing "Mikey's Phone", my names Jonathon... An easy fix but I have to wonder what other surprises Mikey put in his software... Anyway any help would be appreciated, probably not a big deal as the 2.0 hack seems to be imminent. BTW i did uninstall Maps Offline but it didn't make a difference