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Thread: Installer on iphone 2.0

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    I believe only Cydia is running on 2.0 right now.....I love me some Pwnage and SSH

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    I didn't know theres themes for 2.0?

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    Neither did I. Neither did I know how to access the apps folders. I used to do it with firmware 1.1.4 but now the folders kinda changed places. Would be grateful if someone can elucidate on this.

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    He probably changed each icon by hand.
    You know, like how we used to back in the day. =D

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    The current will not work on 2.0 release. In fact, the new version, 4.0, is in the final stages of development. It is expected to stay the premier tool for installing applications that do not present in the App Store, giving you best of both worlds - as it will peacefully co-exist with the existing App Store. I will publish short facts about what’s new in the Installer 4 - and, to predict some questions as to “when will it be available”, I will say - immediately or very soon. Google "installer 4.0" and taje a look at the awesome interface the team has developed. It should be out very soon and from what I see it's worth the wait!

    Peace out,

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    Guys,either I am dumb,or the thread starter is.
    Are u trying to install THE 1.1.4 INSTALLER to 2.0 firmware?

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    will installer 4.0 be installed via Cydia for a 1st gen on 2.0?
    If you can't do it on one wheel, try harder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple iPie View Post
    Guys,either I am dumb,or the thread starter is.
    Are u trying to install THE 1.1.4 INSTALLER to 2.0 firmware?
    My thoughts exactly. It's true when they say that patience is a virtue!

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    same problem here like i just want to get my hands on SwirlyMMS again. Any word on when they want to adjust Installer to work with 2.0?

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    I've found a link for installer
    I install it with wincp.. in application.. with permission 0775. it works but with restriction..
    i open it and it say that i have insufficient permissions. installer wasn't installed correctly.
    it should be run as root:wheel.....whats root:wheel???? thats my question

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    need help keyboard on touch sticking cant get youtube,email etc,,,,,,any can help

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    I have installer 4 for 2.0 not much on it yet but very cool

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    Default Where is Installer
    Where did u get Installer 4?

    I have 2.0 with Cydia and would so rather have Installer.

    Do you know if Summerboard is out for 2.0 yet

    I was able to chane my Icons with Customize but for some reason having the text under them, just bothers me

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    Default installer 4.0
    I have cydia......its ok. It cant compare to installer. You can add sources now, by they are not supported.

    I see they got installer 4.0 (Beta). Does anyone know if it complies to 2.0.
    (my phone crash about 2 weeks, ago and APPLE upgraded........)

    PLEASE HELP.......I need my installer.

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    that one of the main reazons i dislike 2.0
    no freedom of options on what you like ...

    back to 114..

    happy happy joy joy !!

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    installer works fine for 2.0 but theres no apps for it yet no custimize or anything

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Dosen't work my installer...

    Select one theme - install ....... and
    Unable to decode package more info at

    WHY? :S

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    Where can i find installer or Cydia for 1.4 ?

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    How do I jailbreak my iPhone apple

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