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Thread: EDGE Breaks after I install ANYTHING with

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    Unhappy EDGE Breaks after I install ANYTHING with
    Ok, so heres where I am at this point: I can restore my iPhone (4gb, 1.0.2, 04.01.13_G) to a fresh 1.0.2, Activate, Jailbreak and install SSH with iNDependence 1.31 and EDGE with T-Mobile works just fine and dandy with every native app (YouTube, Maps, Safari...)

    But the second I install anything from (in this case, the first app I installed was Customize 1.13 (old), restart and BOOM, Safari doesnt load or display anything. Nor will YouTube or Google Maps. Weather wont update and neither will Stocks. Oddly enough, I can check my email no problem.

    Mind you these problems are all over EDGE. WiFi works fine (when its around) and I have tinkered with all of my EDGE settings from both T-Mobile's end and my own in the iPhone. I know its not the EDGE settings being purged on restart because I am running 1.0.2 and I check it everytime just to be sure. Also, it should be noted that these same problems occurred in 1.1.1 as well, which is why I am back at 1.0.2.

    It seems to me that installing anything from AppTapp is corrupting something very essential in my iPhones OS...I just have no idea what it is, or what to do about it.

    Help me MMi Community! You're my only hope!



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    ditto, but im on 1.1.1

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    Default Update...
    OK I have done some troubleshooting, restoring and installing again and again and I have narrowed the problem down a bit. I notice that Safari over EDGE still works when I install certain apps - Summerboard, iSolitaire, Flashlight.

    But I now realize that it might not be apps I'm installing but something else...

    Everything was working fine with new apps installed until my first big sync was completed. I moved over about 140 songs and roughly 1800 photos and once that was done, Safari would no longer load over EDGE.

    So thats the update to my problem. Hope it helps anyone troubleshoot our issue.


    OK Ive narrowed it down fully. It isnt anything I am installing from AppTapp installer, its something thats happening when iTunes syncs ANY music, movies or photos.

    Should I start a new thread? Or does this make more sense to anyone now?


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